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Buying a house in Ciudad Quesada?

Been a tight squeeze in your property during Christmas? Or maybe you’ve started a new business venture from home? Check out these 5 signs you’re ready to make the move in 2018.

  1. Have you had family stay with you during the Christmas holidays, and found it difficult to accommodate everyone? Maybe it’s time to upgrade into a home with an extra bedroom or bathroom! If you don’t want to go through the hassle of extensions, making a move to a bigger home will instantly solve the tight fit and get you and your family ready for their next, more comfortable visit.

2. Gained an extra fur baby over Christmas? Although you may be up for a few walks a day, having a garden instead of just a balcony would be better suited for your pets.

3. If your New Years plan is to work from home, then you will be needing an additional room to set up as a home office. Battling between working from home and family life, will be much easier by having just one extra room!

4. As the years go by, you may be finding it a little more challenging to get around, and being closer to public transport or amenities would better suit you now. Can you imagine how easier life would be, if you relocated closer to the shops or a bus stop?

5. 2018 is set to be a busy year for you, so do you really have time to maintain all that space? Instead of dreaming about not having to keep the pool clean or cut back the mature olive tree you inherited when you bought the house years ago, sell it and buy something that’s more manageable! This will leave you plenty of time to accomplish all of your New Years resolutions to look after yourself. Bigger doesn’t mean better, for everyone! Smaller, can mean more manageable!

If you can see yourself getting frustrated with your current home, selling during the winter months is a great option, if you’re wanting to compete with fewer homes on the market!


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