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4 Unspoken Etiquette Rules When You Complete Your Purchase At The Notary In Spain

Unspoken rules when going to the Notary

You’ve chosen your dream home, paid your deposit and the time has arrived to complete your purchase. All you need now is to get to the Notary, pay your money and have the keys to your new abode. It’s an exciting day. Butterflies are in your stomach.

Most times, buyers and sellers understand what it’s like when they go to a Notary’s office, but sometimes people forget where they are in all of the excitement, and think that because they themselves may be on holiday, the professionals are too.

Buying property in Spain, is certainly a more “hands on” experience than that of the U.K., but as long as you are prepared, everything will go smoothly and you’ll be celebrating in your new home, in no time!

By being prepared, doesn’t just mean having your funds available, Lawyer in place and documents ready. It also means that you need to be aware of the place that you will be going to. The Notary. This is a position in Spain that is held in very high regard. This professional person does not work for the buyer or the seller, but is completely independent, and it is the Notary that will sign your Title Deeds. Attending a Notary’s office is, and should be entered with respect. But it is surprising how many people forget where they are, and think they are going for a picnic on the beach! There are 4 “unspoken rules” about attending a Notary’s office.

  1. Don’t turn up in beach wear. You wouldn’t visit with a Lawyer in your own country wearing skimpy shorts, bare chested and in flip flops, so please don’t do it here either. You’re not expected to be wearing a shirt and tie, but smart casual will show them the respect they deserve, and I can assure you, the respect will be mutual.

  1. Don’t be late. The Notary’s office can get very busy. They don’t just deal with drawing up Title Deeds! So by being prompt for your appointment will help you get seen to, as quickly as possible.

  1. Patience! Like I said previously, the Notary’s office can get very busy, and although you did arrive on time, you can experience what seems like an exaggerated wait time. Don’t get stressed about it. That will achieve nothing, and it definitely won’t speed the process up. Take a breather, and go with the flow. The phrase “mañana” doesn’t exist for nothing!

  1. Don’t expect the Notary to speak English. These people are highly educated, and although they probably do speak English, they are not obliged to. Remember, you wouldn’t expect a Lawyer in England to speak Spanish!

By remembering these simple rules, you’ll have a completion day that will be the start of many happy memories of home ownership in Spain.


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