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4 Quick Steps to make your home inviting to a buyer… even in this heat!

1. Keep your home cool. We are all aware that this time of year the summer heat is increasing, and even though you’ve got those air conditioning units, you’re afraid to turn them on because of the increase in your electric bills.

By turning on your ceiling fan at the same time as your air conditioning unit, will be more energy efficient, as it will help to spread the cool air around the room quicker than just the unit on alone. Meaning you don’t have to run the air conditioning for long to feel the effect, cooling you down quicker and the best part is, it’s saving you money! So when a buyer is being brought around to look at your home, they’ll feel so cool, they won’t want to leave!

By lowering the shutters on your windows will keep a lot of the heat out. But please remember, a light house is a happy house and when a buyer is looking around, make sure all of those shutters are up!

2. Check the bathroom is ready. The most common form of home renovation is the bathroom. This does help add value to any home and when the Real Estate Agent shows the house to a potential buyer, everyone will definitely want to see the upgrade, but what they don’t want to see, is what’s inside the toilet! By keeping the seat and lid closed makes every viewer feel invited to go inside the smallest room of the house! In some cultures they say that by leaving the lid up, is like flushing away your hard earned money!

3. Check for bad smells. Buyers can very quickly be turned off by an unexpected odour. They want to step into their potential future home with the idea of what Spain smells like. Jasmin and orange blossom are top of the list when tourists were questioned about their favourite smell of a Spanish garden. Overcomplicated smells can be very off putting. Keep to one fragrance throughout the whole house. If you don’t have time to bake biscuits or a loaf of bread, and you’ve just ran out of your favourite air freshener, grab your bottle of floor cleaner and tip some down the kitchen and bathroom sinks. At least if your home doesn’t smell like the local bakery, or even like a Mediterranean oasis, it will smell clean!

4. Is the entrance clean? According to the Psychology of House Hunting report by BMO Financial Group, 80% of prospective buyers know if a home is right for them within seconds of stepping inside? This means that making sure the first impression counts. You don’t have to do unnecessary spring-cleaning every time a buyer wants to take a look inside, but it does mean that keeping the entrance clean is most important. The brain processes far more information in less time than we think!

Now you’re equipped with a few tips, showing your home will be a great experience for both you and your buyer!


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