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Claim your FREE E-Book on buying and selling.

Lyn Dallow & Rebecca Serwotka

Both Lyn & I, are very proud to announce that our long awaited E-Book, has finally been published, and we are ready to share it with YOU!

Our book is called "Moving Forward - 25 Essential Rules For Buying & Selling Real Estate Without Going Crazy."

It was written by Lyn Dallow and myself, Rebecca Serwotka as more of a guide than a storybook, as we felt over the years of gaining such a lot of experience, knowledge and obviously being the experts in this field, we wanted to share it with not only our clients, but people in general when it comes to buying or selling your home.

We were interviewed by the Costa Blanca People Newspaper last week, and the first question was "how much were we going to charge?" Our answer was quick, simple and straight to the point..... FREE!

Yes, we have made our book, completely free... no charge.... NADA... GRATIS!

Lyn Dallow & Rebecca Serwotka's New Book - Moving Forward - 25 Essential Rules For Buying & Selling Real Estate Without Going Crazy

It's easy to access, just click on this link:

and fill in your email address and I will send you the download information. Simple as that! Easy!

Tip: You need to download the Kindle App to your device first. This is a free App, available to every smart phone, tablet, computer, laptop and anything else you can use to read an e-book!

So, request your copy today!

Happy reading!

Rebecca x


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