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Never Assume!

When you talk about property, everyone has an opinion; sometimes it’s a valid and realistic point of view, but there are times when an opinion can be very wrong.

As a professional Real Estate Agent, it’s our job to guide both buyers and sellers in achieving their goal; when a buyer is looking for a specific investment, we select what could fit their search criteria. When a seller is searching for the ideal buyer, we actively look for the right person that could “fit the bill” perfectly.

However, there are times when buyers’ emotions can distort an opportunity.

Everyone has valid reasons for moving home. For some, it might be time to relocate themselves and their family to embark on a new and better life. For others, it might be a need for extra rooms, or even the opposite, and downsizing when the family have flown the nest, is their choice.

But then, there are some circumstances when people are forced to sell their home, due to financial or health reasons, and that’s when it’s our task to be compassionate, and guide them the best and quickest way in achieving a sale.

In my job, it can pull at your heartstrings, especially when life in general is not going according to plan for some selected sellers. But, I always tell them to try not to stress about life’s hurdles, and attempt to “go with the flow.” Sometimes, due to one man’s misfortune, another man can make a great investment; especially when we are able to match the two of them together, of which can be extremely rewarding. But one thing will always remain; unless you have been specifically informed of the reason the home is for sale, never assume you know why!

Believe me, my job can be unbelievably stressful when I sit and hear some very sad reasons for needing to sell a property quickly, and pricing it well below market value is the sellers’ only option of a quick exit. An hour of crying with the homeowner makes you really appreciate all of the positives you have in your life, even if you don’t think they’re much. Then the day comes when that property sells and the homeowner holds your hand and thanks you with tears in his eyes, for helping to release him of one of the obstacles in his life, in order to focus on what’s more important for his immediate future, is true job satisfaction.

There are happy moments too, when we do experience some wonderful reasons why people decide to sell, such as starting on a new adventure like marriage, where maintaining two houses isn’t practical anymore, and letting go of one property is a joyful reason for selling.

I guess the people I’m writing about may see themselves in my blog this week, but out of respect, I will not mention any names…. But let’s just say congratulations to Mary N. of Doña Pepa!

So you see, there are always genuine reasons for selling property, just spare a thought for those who need to sell a little quicker than others.

Who knows, even if you’re not looking to buy, maybe you know someone that is! You’ll never really know whom you could be helping.


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