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"Brexit" in Spain

So now it's been decided that the U.K. are out of the E.U. and you maybe thinking what is going to happen now. First of all I want to say that I moved over to Spain with my parents and grandparents in 1988 when Spain wasn't in the E.U. and it didn't stop us relocating here from a cold and wet England. My grandparents had worked all of their life in the U.K. and had always dreamed of retiring in the Spanish sun and my parents left great careers to provide a safer and better lifestyle for their children (my sister and myself).

Spain liked paperwork back then, but to be completely honest, they still do! We have been selling properties here since 1989 to all nationalities, EU member and non EU members. It hasn’t stopped them moving here. There are companies that we use, that are accustomed to dealing with non E.U. members and when the time comes that any of our clients need help with paperwork, we will be right here to point and guide them in the right direction.

So as British Citizens living and working in Spain, if its more paperwork the Spanish will need, then we will provide it. No one is going to stop us from living our dream and why should it stop you.

Have a lovely weekend and I'm now off to the beach with my children! 🌞


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