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Selling in Spain; Is your home ready to show prospective purchasers?

As a buyer it’s an exciting time, but as a seller it can be quite stressful. As an Estate Agent I know it’s easy for me to say “don’t worry, we can help”, but opening up your home can be a very emotional time.

If your home is currently on the market, buyers will be coming inside to have a good look around… We all would love it if they would buy from seeing a photo, but hey… that just isn’t going to happen! They like to see the size of a room… remember, they’re trying to imagine how they can fit their own lives in there and if you have a house full of clutter, their eyes will be drawn to all of those ornaments.

Now is the perfect time to have a good sort through any unwanted items. Box up those ornaments and If you haven’t used it during the last 2 years give it a new life with someone else! Help support your local charity; they’re always grateful for donations.

Once you’ve cleared all that clutter, walk through every room as if you were the buyer. Any paint touch ups needed? Now’s the time to get it done! Any repairs that need doing, do them now! Never promise to get them done… overpromising and under-delivering is not the best way to sell a house.

Now for the stressful part… Buyers walking through the memories of your life and making comments like “I’d change this”, or “I don’t like that” can be quite distressing. It doesn’t have to be a painful process! The simplest solution is to let your agent do it for you. If you’re hanging around for the viewing, you’re the “unwanted chaperone”. I’m sorry to say, but it’s the reality. Every buyer feels embarrassed walking through someone else’s home and they won’t even look at every room properly. Here’s the solution…. Leave for a little while. Sitting outside is perfectly acceptable, but don’t be inside! I know it can be irritating and you may be “biting at the bit” to inform the buyer of your upgrades. Of course, brand new appliances are always welcome over old worn out ones, but not everything you consider an upgrade is going to be a positive for every buyer.

Most buyers make offers and always have reasons why they’re low… but now your home is ready for a viewing appointment, you’ll have more reasons why closest to the asking price is best!

Remember, your buyer is just around the corner and can view at any time. The difference between your home and someone else’s…. YOU’RE the ones that will be ready!


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