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Ready To Sell Your Home? Should You Ask Your Family's Opinion First?

So you’ve thought about selling your home in Spain for quite some time, and you’ve come to the decision that now may be the right time to put your property on the market for sale.  But you have one nagging feeling.  What will your family think?  Should you really check with your family first?

I actually come across this situation quite a few times, but the straight and honest answer to that bugging question, is no!  You shouldn’t need to ask their opinion.  Unless your family member/s are co-owners of the property with you, then there is no valid reason why you should be checking with them first.

You know what their answer will be anyway.  They’ll want you to keep the house of course.  Heck, they’re the ones getting free holidays, so why on Earth would they want you to sell?

When I’m asked that question, my reply is always, “you’ve considered your family for long enough, but now you must think about yourself.”  I know this can be difficult for some people, but if you have valid reasons why you want or need to sell your home, then the only people you should be checking with, is you.

Your family are not the ones paying the bills, so don’t let them influence you against your decision.  They really should be supportive to your needs, and not make you feel guilty about selling the place in which they spend their free holidays.

It’s always a difficult decision to make when the time comes to put your property on the market, especially if you’ve had some wonderful memories in the home.  And family may well have played a big part in creating those wonderful times.  Even still, they should not influence you either way, whether to sell or keep your home.  It should always be, your decision and no one else’s.

At certain stages in your life, you need to think with your head and not with your heart.  Guilt of not wanting to hurt your family’s feelings can ultimately sway you to make the wrong decision that’s best for you.

As long as you’re the one that’s ready to let the house go, then I’m sure your family will respect your decision.

Selling?  Enjoy the journey!


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