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When purchasing a property here, you will need to open a local bank account.  


There are many banks to choose from, but remember even though the name of the bank may look familiar to you, they are not directly connected to the branches outside of Spain, therefore don't be swayed by choosing a bank that has the same name as where you currently hold a bank account, in your own country.

Documentation needed when opening a bank account in Spain (this information is based on the bank

LA CAIXA) Pronounced:   LA   K-EYE-XA).


*  NIE  (Spanish Tax Number)

*  PROOF OF ADDRESS; Utility Bills, Bank Letter, etc.

*  6 Months Bank Statements


If you are looking to purchase a property and require a mortgage, we can help you with the application process.  The banks here will lend up to 80% for residents of Spain, and up to 70% for non-residents.  For the latest interest rates, please contact us on

The age limit for a Spanish mortgage is up to the 74th birthday.

Documentation needed when applying for a mortgage in Spain (this information is based on the bank LA CAIXA.

*  Passport

*  NIE  (Spanish Tax Number)

*  Proof Of Address; Utility Bills, Bank Letter, etc.

*  6 Months Bank Statements

*  Last P-60

*  Latest 3 Salary Slips   

*  Tax Return

*  Letter From Employer (stating occupation, title, income, bonuses and length

    of occupation)

*  Other Sources Of Income (investments, savings, rentals, tenancy agreements

    private pensions, state pensions, etc.)

*  Credit Report  (Experian, Equifax, etc.)

*  Declaration Of Assets (property, investments, etc.)

*  Pension Income (if applicable)

*  Purchase Contract

*  Proof Of Deposit Paid

Click here to be directed to the Experian Website in the United Kingdom.

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